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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy


What is personal information?

When we say, “personal information,” we refer to any type of information that could narrow down an individual’s identity upon disclosure. This information could be a phone number, date of birth, name, email address, physical address, and more.

What personal information do we collect and why?

GROWHOUSE NUTRACEUTICALS LTD. collects specific personal information from visitors and customers. We may collect personal formation related to phone communication, social media communication, and even email communication. Though, we will always specify the purpose of the data collection as part of our transparency policy. We collect personal information for shipping procedures, payments, order validation, and to contact our customers regarding orders or certain services. We also use this information to respond to queries and questions and manage our store.

More specifically, we use your personal information in these cases:


We will always ask that you confirm your age is above 19 when visiting our website. We do this to add a factor of security to our customers by verifying your identity and processing your order.

Customer Support

GROWHOUSE NUTRACEUTICALS LTD. customer support will process your personal information when you ask a question. This lets us respond to your question more efficiently. We may choose to retain information regarding your order or other personal information that is relevant to your query.

Security measures for data storage

Our data-storing servers in Canada use cutting-edge security technology and encryption. In defending your privacy and the security of your personal information, we use multiple levels of access.

GROWHOUSE NUTRACEUTICALS LTD. offers a disclaimer that we cannot fully guarantee, warrant, represent, or offer any covenants about the absolute safety of your personal information during its transmission over the internet.

Social Media

All our social media accounts are used to communicate with our potential customers, members, and other people online. You can see all our comments, replies, mentions, and posts on our social media accounts if you’ve set your privacy settings this way.

As for any personal information gathered through social media accounts, we hold no responsibility over it since the social networks are not governed by us, but their respective owners.

We strongly recommend that you customize the privacy settings of any social media account. They will dictate whether certain type of information about you will be made public or kept anonymous. If you don’t want to expose specific information on our social media accounts, consult the above privacy settings beforehand!

Lastly, we also reserve the right collect any personal information regarding social media activities we deem necessary to improve our content and services.

Server logs and data utilization

When visiting GROWHOUSE NUTRACEUTICALS LTD. we collect sets of information for any webpage you visit. Though, this doesn’t include any personal information. Instead, it includes:

Time and date of access Information about the page you visit IP address and the device you’re using General information regarding the files you accessed Information about your ISP (internet service provider) Information about your OS (operating system) and browser information

Cookies Policy

When you visit GROWHOUSE NUTRACEUTICALS LTD, we retain specific sets of information (called cookies) to observe the way you use our website. We store these cookies in your browser, but you can eliminate them at any time.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We have the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time we deem necessary and acceptable. When we commit to changing our Privacy Policy, we will post it in our official website, with the latest updates at the bottom of the page. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy regularly to see whether any changes have appeared or not.